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The experiments are based around how science interacts with sport.  They look at how science is involved in all areas of sport from timing, distance measurement, materials technology and performance monitoring.

Setup files to match these experiments are included in the Free EasySense software.

Section 1: Did I win?

  • Detecting movement, calculating speed
  • Remote measurement of distance, objects and materials
  • Who won?
  • Finding the end
  • How fast did it go?
  • How fast is the wind speed?

Section 2: What can I do?

  • Reaction times
  • Hit the brakes!
  • Muscle fatigue
  • ECG demonstration (Graph & Scope)
  • Breathing patterns
  • Spirometer: Lung capacities
  • Spirometer: Peak Flow

Section 3: Will I be safe?

  • How good is my sun block?
  • Is cool best?
  • Reducing the impact a. Force and Light gate, b. Accelerometer and Light gate
  • Reducing the impact: Effect of the landing surface, Predicting the impact, Creating the safe landing zone
  • Finding the damage: A quick scan and Getting the full picture

Section 4: Can I get help?

  • Forces in levers
  • Keeping cool, losing heat
  • The right clothes for the right sport?
  • How does sweating keep you cool?
  • How does sport clothing keep you dry?
  • How much grip does my trainer give?
  • Polarised sunglasses
  • Understanding my diet
  • Streamlining

Section 5: Am I improving?

  • Pulse
  • Pulse: Measuring change
  • Recovery times and training routines
  • Recovery rates and training (Polar Heart rate)
  • Recovery rates and training (Pulse Oximeter)
  • Can I improve my putting?
  • Can I measure my performance?

Section 6: Extras!

  • Lighting the flame
  • Not only exercise excites the heart!
  • I didn’t take it!

The sensors used include:

  • Infrared (3278)
  • Light level (3124)
  • Heart rate and Pulse waveform (3147)
  • Accelerometer High g (3201)
  • Accelerometer Low g (3200)
  • Light Gate (3250)
  • Pulse Oximeter (3903 or 3907)
  • Polar Heart rate (3148)
  • Temperature (3100)
  • Humidity (3145)
  • Force (3143)
  • Motion (3270)
  • Ultraviolet (3277)
  • Spirometer (3267)
  • Gas Pressure ±10 kPa and Breathing belt (3190PK)
  • ECG (3279)
  • Push button Reaction switches (3261)
  • Timing mat (3255)
  • Count Tachometer (3296)
  • Crocodile Clips (3260)
  • Voltage (3162)
  • Spectrometer (3310)

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Science in Sport (11-18) eBook Science in Sport (11-18) eBook Science in Sport (11-18) eBook Science in Sport (11-18) eBook Science in Sport (11-18) eBook
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