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These 22 carefully selected practical activities for 11 – 14 year olds will help to teach the core Biology curriculum. The worksheets are designed to produce reliable results, taking away the hesitation to use data loggers as an everyday measuring and recording aid.

This eBook, supplied on CD-ROM, contains:

  • The full eBook (PDF) of all the experiment worksheets and teachers notes.
  • Every worksheet and teacher note as a separate PDF
  • Setup files to match these experiments are included in the Free EasySense software.

The activities include:

  • Measuring pulse
  • Breathing patterns
  • Oxygen consumption
  • Food as fuels
  • Respiration
  • Photosynthesis
  • Transpiration and Plant growth
  • Reaction times
  • Body heat

The activities include: 

  • Pulse
  • Armchair Gymnastics
  • Not only exercise excites the heart
  • Food as a fuel
  • Breathing patterns
  • Rate of consumption of oxygen as a measure of respiratory activity
  • Rate of production of carbon dioxide as a measure of respiratory activity using a pH sensor
  • Temperature changes as a measure of respiratory activity
  • How does photosynthetic activity vary with light intensity?
  • Measuring water loss (transpiration) from plants
  • Growth rate in a plant as a measure of photosynthetic activity
  • Regulation of body heat
  • Hot stuff
  • How does sweating keep you cool?
  • Should I use deodorant or antiperspirant?
  • Why do animals huddle?
  • Reaction times and Hit the brakes!
  • Measuring the daily changes in a habitat
  • Protease and Casein (milk powder) reaction
  • The breakdown of starch by the enzyme amylase using a light level sensor
  • Osmosis
  • How good is my suntan cream?

The range of sensors used in these activities include:

  • Heart Rate and Pulse Waveform (3147) 
  • Temperature (3100)
  • Breathing rate belt and Pressure sensor pack (3190PK)
  • Light level sensor (3124 or 3122, 3120))
  • Humidity (3145)
  • Oxygen sensor (3130PK)
  • pH sensor (3125PK)
  • Rotary Motion sensor (3280)
  • Infrared (3278)
  • Colorimeter (3275)
  • Ultraviolet  (3277)
  • Push Button switches (3261)
  • Timing mats (3255)

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Biology (11-14) ebook Biology (11-14) ebook Biology (11-14) ebook Biology (11-14) ebook Biology (11-14) ebook
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